Curb Your Appetite With Capsaicin

The holiday season is here, and that means all kinds of holiday treats are out there to tempt your taste buds.

While it’s certainly appealing to be surrounded by seasonal goodies, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pack on the pounds. While the temptation to snack is everywhere this time of year, you may actually be able to help control the urge to go overboard by adding a little something to your diet.

You’ve likely heard that peppers are good for you

After all, they’re packed with vitamins and nutrients, but peppers also contain a little something extra called capsaicin.

That’s the compound in chili peppers that makes them so spicy hot. It turns out capsaicin may benefit you if you’re hoping to lose weight, or even just help you maintain your current weight by curbing your appetite. According to a number of published reports, peppers can help burn more calories and help reduce your appetite. Some people report feeling less hungry after eating the added spice, and less likely to crave sugary, fatty or salty foods. While you can’t neglect healthy eating and healthy exercise, adding in some hot peppers and hot pepper products may at least help you avoid some of those diet-busting foods this holiday season. That’s great news as we make it through the next several weeks of holiday-themed desserts, heavy dips, and calorie-rich cocktails.

If you find you simply can’t avoid all the temptation out there, try adding in a few drops of hot sauce to a snack or meal before you go out, or even try carrying a bottle of your favorite hot flavor along to your next party or family get-together. While it may not completely put an end to holiday snacking, at least it may help keep your diet in check as we approach the New Year.

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