Thai Amigo Grilled Chicken

Who doesn’t want the tastiest, dreamiest combination of Thai flavors blended with Green Amigo Hot Sauce and grilled chicken? If you raised your hand, think again. This is a powerful mix and the most sensational way to enjoy the last days of summer. This recipe serves four and it’s awesome when served with a simple slaw (light on the mayo, please) or a noodle and cilantro salad. Yum!


½ a bottle Green Amigo Hot Sauce
6 cloves Garlic, minced
2 tablespoon Lime juice
3 tablespoon Fish sauce
2 tablespoon Chinese cooking wine
3 tablespoon Brown sugar
2 tablespoon Honey
½ tablespoon Black pepper
4 each Chicken breasts
½ tablespoon Olive oil


Place all the ingredients except the chicken in a large Ziplock bag or lidded bowl; close and shake to combine. Add the chicken to the marinade and allow the marinade to spread all over the chicken. Seal or cover and place in the fridge; marinate for a minimum of 3 hours, preferably overnight.

When ready, remove the chicken and discard the marinade (or reserve to heat through and serve drizzled on top of grilled chicken). Heat the oil in a non-stick pan over medium-high heat. Cook the chicken until golden brown - about 3 minutes each side. Rest for a few minutes before serving.

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