10 Ways Hot Sauce Helps You Live Longer


You eat Mad Dog hot sauces because they’re as fiery as a furnace and because they’re freaking delicious at the same time.

But, there are other compelling reasons to indulge in your favorite flavors… like the extension of your life. Here are 10 ways we’re helping our fans to live a long and healthy life. (Disclaimer: You could get hit by a bus at any minute; eating Mad Dog is no guarantee that you’ll live to the ripe age of 100 – or that you’ll want to.)

Mad Dog's Top 10 to Live Longer:

Pain Killer

– You get a rush of painful sensations when you add Mad Dog hot sauces to your food (especially if you’re not used to the Scoville), but your body actually dumps pain proteins at the site and then has to produce more. That can take some time – and that’s precisely why capsaicin is used in the production of headache relief medicines. Don’t think this has anything to do with a long and healthy life? Think again. Studies prove that the less pain you experience, the longer you are likely to live.

Cholesterol Clean-Sweep

– Even if you don’t suffer from high cholesterol, you would need to have been living in a remote cave for the past several decades not to know it’s bad for you. Okay, actually there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and you want to keep the latter in check. The capsaicin in Mad Dog super hot sauces will work to break up the bad cholesterol in your body.

Get That Blood Pumping

Capsaicin is a rush, and you know it. And, it does make it easier on your heart to push the blood through all your veins and vessels when it’s filled with Mad Dog hot sauces. That’s a bonus for anyone that needs a bit of a boost where circulation is concerned. We all know we need to keep that blood flowing for a long life.

Lose Weight

– If you’re carrying around too much weight, it’s dangerously unhealthy, and you know it. Every one of your vital organs must work harder whenever you weigh more than you should. And, as much as we like to think our organs will last forever, they do start to go at some point, and when they do, it’s that much closer to death.

Stop Heart Attacks

– Almost unbelievably, capsaicin can also stop heart attacks even while they’re in progress. While further studies are needed before this sort of power hits the market, researchers believe that a capsaicin salve will feature in ambulances to save many lives. Sure, Mad Dog really shouldn’t be applied topically (we argue against that constantly), but it might just work in a pinch.

Remaining Alert

– That rush that comes from Mad Dog hot sauces isn’t superficial. It can make you more alert. Indeed, people that want to crack an all-night study session can swig back a mouthful of Mad Dog and make it happen. More importantly, it could keep you alive on long drives. Just imagine pulling in for Mad Dog instead of coffee when you stop for gas.

Banish Diabetes

– Laboratory tests on animals show that injections of capsaicin can actually reverse diabetes, or at least bump your ability to handle and produce insulin appropriately. Considering the recent rise of Type 2 Diabetes in the US, this can only mean good things. Tie it in with weight loss and you’ve got a lifesaver and a half.

Killing Cancer

– You’ve probably heard that capsaicin causes cancerous cells to commit suicide while avoiding neighboring healthy cells. The most widely cited research was done with prostate cancer cells, but scientists are reproducing the results on a variety of cancer types. Until there is a cure, we all run the risk of premature death.

Breathe Better

– One of the latest studies deals with lung cancer. But – and this is why it’s a reason on its own – it appears that consuming the capsaicin found in Mad Dog may actually stave off lung cancer. Just by eating it, you could prevent your lungs from killer cancers and everyone needs air to breathe.

More Companionship

– Ever seen therapy dogs in a hospital or prison? These animals aren’t brought in for the fun of it. It’s been shown that the more companionship a person has (human or canine), the healthier and happier a person is. And, whenever you open a bottle of Mad Dog hot sauce, you’re sure to make a few friends. It works like a charm for us.

And there you have it! Our top 10 ways hot sauce helps you live longer.

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