Mad Dog 357 Recipes!

We here at the Ashley Food Company are excited about spicy foods!

As more and more people steadily become adventuresome eaters, we are now setting a place at the dinner table for hot sauce and other spicy products on a regular basis. But, did you know that most people only use hot sauce as a simple condiment. They dash or shake a little bit onto their eggs in the morning, or on their burritos and tacos, pizza, or maybe on that boring leftover sandwich. We believe that not only hot sauce but chile peppers as well, can be so much more. For the real hot sauce lovers, foodies, chileheads, chefs, and chile pepper growers out there, hot sauce and chile peppers are more than a condiment—they're a necessary ingredient to many amazingly delicious hot & spicy recipes!

Many chefs throughout the country are finding many ways to create delicious and spicy dishes using our Mad Dog 357 hot sauces, pepper extracts, pepper purees, and our dried pepper pods and pepper powders! 

All of us here at the Ashley Food Company use our products all the time in our recipes, and we love getting very creative!

Please take a look at all of our recipes below. Have a favorite Mad Dog product? Just click on the product image below to view some exciting and delicious recipes using that particular product! 

Bon Appetit!