6 Reasons to Become Addicted to Super Hot Sauce


Super hot sauce isn’t Tabasco.

It’s also not that sriracha that people put on everything thing (unless, of course, it is our Mad Dog Reaper Sriracha hot sauce). We’re talking about condiments with Scoville that range in the tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands, as the Mad Dog 357 hot sauce that boasts an impressive 357,000 Scoville.

Now that you know what we mean by super hot sauce, you should know why it’s in your best interests to become addicted to it. Yes, we mean transforming yourself from a casual Tabasco-on-eggs consumer to a downright fanatical super-hot-sauce-addicted fool. The list of compelling reasons is taller than you are, of course, so we’ve just picked our top six favorites… in no particular order and 6 Reasons to Become Addicted to Super Hot Sauce.

Healthy Living Capsaicin (that’s the stuff that burns) is the subject of many, many scientific tests. That’s because preliminary findings suggest that capsaicin can reverse diabetes, stop heart attacks and even kill cancerous cells. Recent research even demonstrates that consuming capsaicin could stave off certain cancers (and that’s without injections required in other tests). If a longer, healthier life isn’t a compelling reason to eat super hot sauces, we think it’s time you reassessed your priorities.

Natural High – There are a few things in this world that stimulate your brain to release endorphins and other feel-good hormones. This list includes everything from running marathons to skydiving. It also includes the consumption of capsaicin. And, that last one is a much cheaper, easier way to get yourself high, don’t you?

Delicious Food – A well-crafted hot sauce (like any of ours) is the easiest way to fill food with flavor without pumping it full of butter, oil, or other fats. Super hot sauces hold their flavor (along with the fire) which is why you can’t escape them on menus these days.

More Filling – Along with the taste, capsaicin does something very special to your brain. Because it registers as a fat in your system (even though it’s not), you will eat significantly less at every meal. You’re tricking your brain into believing you’ve become full.

Not everyone needs that kind of help, but it’s there for those that do.

Pain-Free Living – You don’t need to experience all the pain that you normally do. From headaches to rheumatism, pain management medications include capsaicin in their list of ingredients. You may not fully understand it (because capsaicin fools your brain and your nerve endings), but it works. The burn is ephemeral, but the relief for sufferers lasts far longer (and sometimes forever).

You the Man – And, of course, one of the best reasons to become addicted to super hot sauce is the reaction you receive from friends and family members. Not everyone can handle the Scoville count in super hot sauces. When you can push through the pain, you (almost instantly) earn the respect of everyone else that just can’t do it. And, that’s always fun (even if those feelings of showing off and vanity creep into your brain while doing it).

Always counted yourself in the Tabasco-level of hot sauces? You’ll probably want to start with some of our milder sauces. We have to say that, of course; some of the hotter Mad Dog sauces will make you feel like your face is falling off. After that though, we promise that it’s totally worth it.

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