6 Times When Mad Dog Makes It Better


There are times when you shouldn’t add a dash of Mad Dog to your meals.

They’re few, of course, but they do exist. For example, we don’t suggest having more than a drop or two before climbing onto an international flight. Not only are airplane toilets a cruel joke, but the last thing you want is an elevated temperature when clearing through security.

That said, there are times when a little Mad Dog can dramatically improve your life. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, in this category; too many to list.

But, we’ve included a few of our favorites here… just in case you were looking for an excuse too.

Watching Netflix on Your Own - Who doesn’t love the ability to binge-watch favorite series or a trilogy of movies? And, we’re certainly not saying that you’re bored, only that lounging on the couch like this can make you a little weary. So, when you get up to make some nachos or heat that leftover pizza, adding a little Mad Dog to it can make it an entirely different experience. Just be careful what you watch; it’s not always a good idea to set your mouth alight while watching people burning at the stake.

Late Night Work or Study – The first time you stay up late to get something done, it feels pretty good – like you’ve accomplished something. You’re tired the next day, but you can get over that. When you need to stay up late working (as opposed to dancing), it’s mighty difficult work. Mad Dog makes it easier, and you’re not left with a painful inability to sleep that you would be with Red Bull.

You’re Far Too Tired to Cook – There are different levels of fast food. From Taco Bell to TV dinners to the salad buffet at the supermarket, your options are wide open. What you choose depends on how much time, money, and discipline you have. While that salad is likely to be better for your body, it’s easy to pull into the nearest fast food joint. And then you’ll need the Mad Dog to make that food edible.

For Showing Off – There comes a moment in every chili head’s life when someone thinks they can handle the hot sauce (and you know they can’t). Often, it comes when gathered at your home for a BBQ and you’ve (responsibly) packed away all your Mad Dog sauces so no one hurts themselves. When they ask for something incredible, and you pull out a toothpick and a bottle, it’s a proud, proud moment.

Because You’re Just Not Feeling Well – Everyone gets sick; stuffy noses are a part of life. But, they’re the miserable side of it. Mad Dog truly makes it all better as it opens your nasal passages and redirects your brain away from the sinus headache you’ve been dealing with. Try it once and you’ll always reach for it.

It’s Time to Eat – And, then there’s the obvious time when Mad Dog makes it better… just because it’s time to eat. With all the health benefits bursting from every drop and your body’s brilliant reaction to capsaicin, not to mention the exquisite blend of flavors in Mad Dog sauces, it will soon be difficult to get through a meal without it. Sometimes, it’s just easier to leave the bottle on the table, isn’t it?

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