Chili Pepper Growing Tips and Tricks

Just about anything can taste great straight from the garden

If you have your heart set on fresh chili peppers, the process may prove easier than you think. Growing fresh chili peppers is much like growing other popular garden veggies. It becomes even easier if you follow a few growing tips and tricks of the trade.

The first tip has to do with where you grow. If you’re planning on growing outside, it helps to actually start the process inside. This could take about 12 weeks before it’s time to transplant your peppers. Keep them in a pot with good drainage, and keep the soil moist enough without overwatering your plants.

Next, watch the outside temperature.

Chili peppers grow best in warmer temperatures so you don’t want to put your peppers outside if it’s still too cool.

If you do, the pepper plants won’t blossom and they won’t grow any fruit. On the flip side, you don’t want the pepper plants to wilt as soon as you plant them either, so give them enough water to start things outright, without overwatering. Peppers like lots of sun too. It also helps to give them plenty of room because pepper plants can grow several feet high and you’ll want to use a good fertilizer in the soil.

Yet another tip is to keep the area around your pepper plants weeded so that the plants don’t have to fight off anything else in order to thrive. Also, watch out for any garden pests that may want to get to your peppers first. When it comes time to pick those chili peppers, remember that hot peppers often take longer to mature than sweeter peppers. If you just can’t wait to get a taste, you can always grab a hot pepper product now to help tide you over.

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