Chili Peppers Fit Every Diet Plan

You’d have to be living on another planet for Banting speak to escape your notice. It’s everything in the diet world these days.

And, it’s likely to be helping a lot of people to achieve their weight loss goals. But, dieting changes every decade or so.

Sometimes, it’s all about scraping every ounce of fat out of your diet. Banting works on the opposite side of the spectrum: low carbs and high fat. At times, it’s more about the colors represented on your plate. And sometimes, it’s about the type of protein you have.

We’ve seen diet books that emulate the French style of eating. You’ve probably heard of the South Beach diet. And then there are diets that start with a detox and revolve around whatever you can get in your juicer.

You Can Sneak Chili Peppers into Every Diet Plan

If you were to stop and consider all these different diets for a moment, you’d learn something important. We’re obsessed with food. More than that, we’re beginning to realize that what we put into our mouths is directly linked to the way we look and feel. While your body does have work to do, it’s the food we eat that matters most.

And, if you’re truly serious about following a diet plan, it’s probably best to consult with a dietitian first. After all, diets change – usually along with the information we have – but also because what works for one person just won’t cut it for another.

There is one thing you can count on, though. Chili peppers slide easily into just about every diet out there. Chilies are high in essential vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamins A and C. They come in colors you can only imagine.

More than that, chilies do something that most vegetables just can’t. Chili peppers make you feel full; you’re not going to get that from lettuce or cucumbers. (Potatoes and squashes are more likely to satiate you, but apparently, you shouldn’t have too many of these.)

How does that work? For start capsaicin (the stuff that burns) affects your brain. This odorless and tasteless substance tastes like fat to your brain. It’s not fat, but your brain believes it is. That means you can add chilies (and a squeeze of lemon for flavor) to your salads and skip all the fried bread, meats, eggs, and fatty dressings – and your brain will still think you had some of those.

The benefits don’t stop there either. Capsaicin also stalls the production of the hunger hormone. That’s right, you won’t feel as hungry as soon after eating chili peppers. At the same time, you get a metabolism boost (which is one of the aims of following a diet plan usually).

Aren’t you lucky that you’re a fan of chilies and super hot sauces? If it’s your favorite food group, then it doesn’t matter which diet plan you choose, you can always add chilies to it. A word of caution on that though; as much as you can juice chilies and add them to smoothies – it’s not the right combination for all recipes; we recommend adding capsaicin to the veggie juices first and experimenting from there. (Also, you want a juicer with removable parts; capsaicin clings like you wouldn’t believe.

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