Dating a chili head? How to cope with the fire

So, you’re dating a chili head.

Congratulations. No really, we mean it. Research shows that chili heads are wonderfully adventurous folks that love a little excitement in their lives.

No matter how long you’re in this relationship, it’s going to be fun.

But, if you’re not into super hot sauces yourself, you’ll need to develop some coping skills. Really, you can expect chilies and the world’s hottest hot sauces to appear at anytime or any place in this relationship - and you should be prepared for that.

Learn the hot sauce lingo

Step one: figure out what’s being said. As with any hobby, activity, cuisine or quirk, an addition to hot sauce has its own vocabulary. These are just a few of the terms you’ll be expected to throw out at parties and, well, ordinary conversation.

Scoville - this is the heat measurement for chilies and hot sauces. It ranges from 0 to 16 million and was developed by a guy named (you guessed it) Scoville. If you’re not (yet) into foods that make your mouth melt, you’ll probably only be able to take something around 20,000 Scoville - and even that will set you jumping. The chili head in your life, probably enjoys foods doused with 1 million Scoville.

Reapers - currently, these are the hottest chili peppers on record. And, they’re freaking amazing with 2 million Scoville in each bite.

Capsaicin - it’s the stuff in chili peppers that give them their perceived heat. Chilies aren’t actually on fire (as you’ve noticed), nor will they physically burn you (no holes in our mouths here). But, capsaicin triggers the same pain receptors as being on fire does. And, it’s what’s so good.

Extracts - these are more pure forms of capsaicin than you’ll find in hot sauces. Typically, they start around 1 million Scoville and one little drop is all you really need to pack a punch into a crock pot full of food.

Learn to love fiery foods

Step two: just go right ahead and fall in love with hot sauces, extracts, chili peppers and all the heat that you’ll get from them.

It’s not that difficult to do if you give it a try. Here’s what you need to know now:
1.    You’re not actually on fire.
2.    Capsaicin tolerance develops over time.
3.    There’s this awesome thing called the hot sauce high where you feel amazing because your brain has released a slew of endorphins. It’s easy to fall in love with this feeling.

Learn to live with the heat

If step two fails, just learn to live with the awesome heat in any relationship involving a chili head. There are more annoying hobbies out there - and not all of them come with excellent lovers. Yes, chili heads are good in bed. And, everyone wants that, right?

(It’s also half the reason we congratulated you on landing a chili head.)

And, when you’re looking to make your chili head smile, be sure to return to us. We make the world’s hottest hot sauces and they’re always going to make the chili head in your life happy.

Get some Mad Dog for your chili head today.

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