Fast Food Heats Up

When you have a true craving for the hot stuff you don’t have to look far. While more and more menus are starting to include new spicy concoctions, it’s not just the food that’s getting a real boost of flavor. Just about every major drive-thru is getting in on the action with its own version of hot sauce to heat up everything from chicken and tacos to burgers and fries.

Take, for example, Taco Bell. For spicy cravings, sometimes regular Taco Bell Mild Sauce and jalapeno-based Hot Sauce aren’t hot enough. That’s why the chain has its own version of Fire Sauce, made with jalapenos, and Diablo Sauce, which is said to really boost the heat. It’s not the only taco chain, however, to take it up a notch. Taco Bueno boosts its take on Original Salsa with its Firehouse Salsa. KFC has its own Creamy Buffalo Sauce, while Burger King boasts a Creamy Spicy Sauce, made with aged cayenne peppers.

Not to be outdone, McDonald’s kicks it up a notch with Spicy Buffalo Sauce, made with cayenne red peppers, plus there’s also the fast-food chain’s Habanero Ranch Sauce, blended with a mix of habanero peppers and cayenne red peppers. Not to be outdone, Chick-fil-A boasts a Zesty Buffalo Sauce, flavored with cayenne red peppers, plus boosts its salads with the bold option of Chili Lime Vinaigrette. There’s no doubt that many major restaurant chains are taking the cue that many of their customers these days want hot, spicy flavor options. While hot sauce flavors, like these, may satisfy your immediate craving for hot food, if you’re in the mood to try something even hotter there are plenty of solutions. From mild and very hot versions to super hot sauce, don’t be afraid to kick your favorite fast-food flavors up a notch, or maybe even two.

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