Hot Pockets Has Just Combined the Top Food Trends

Hot Pocket Has Just Combined the Top Food Trends into a Single Snack

(Oh, and McDonald’s is following suit!)

So, you know Hot Pockets. Everyone does. They’re those microwaveable savory pastries that sit next to the pizza rolls in your freezer. They’re best for those moments when you have nothing else in the house and no one else to feed and you just need something. Hot Pockets are also a top choice for the nights when you’ve somehow managed to close down the bar and were too “kind” to ask your driver to stop at Taco Bell.

Hot Pockets are a staple, and although they’ll always have a place in our freezers, that hasn’t stopped them from innovating. And, we think they’ve done a damn fine job – in principle, anyhow. They clearly stepped back to look at food trends before launching their new Food Truck Bites and Food Truck Sandwiches.

The words “food truck” should give away one of the biggest trends that they’ve used – these mobile kitchens are where all the hipsters eat lunch these days. But, Hot Pockets clearly picked up on some of the popular underlying trends too. You’ll find hotter flavors, such as the Fiery Jalapeño Lime Chicken Rollers and Spicy Asian-Style Beef Rollers. You’ll also notice the use of the “Asian-style” because we’re seeing a lot more of non-Chinese, Asian-style foods on the market these days.

At a Few McDonald’s Locations…

You’ll find hotter flavors that echo the success Wendy’s has had with their Ghost Pepper lines. At a few of their testing locations, foodies will find Signature Sriracha and Jalapeño Double menu items. And, it’s possible that these will roll out nationwide in a few years. (Just so you know, it took them years to officially launch the McRib, which seems about as classic as you can get, right?)

While the McDonald’s creations may not seem as inventive as you may think, they are offering customization of buns, sauces, and preparation methods. And that’s interesting because it demonstrates McDonald’s understanding that fast food just isn’t the assembly line it once was; not it’s about making it personal.

And all of this is rather important for hot sauces and chili heads. It means that major chains, retailers, and food producers aren’t just adding heat for the sake of bringing new customers in the door. The combination of other food trends mixed with the added heat shows the range of influences chilies can provide. It also makes it damn interesting to pick up some fast food – or heat it in your microwave!

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