National Hot as Hell Alcohol Day

September 28th is National Drink a Beer Day.

There are, perhaps, a few people that rarely imbibe alcohol throughout the year who will strangely reach for a beer on this foodie holiday Wednesday.

We don’t really know who they are.

Either you appreciate a good, cold beer just about any day of the year – or you don’t. And, it’s unlikely that you’ll opt for a beer just because there is a day for that. (There is a day for everything, isn’t there?)

We’d like to suggest transforming this foodie holiday into National Drink a Hot as Hell Alcohol Day. Beer could be a part of that… but so could just about anything else.

Chili Beers Aren’t New

The first time we saw a chili beer, we were terribly excited. Who doesn’t want to add some fire to their alcohol? Okay, we’ll rephrase that… which chili head wouldn’t be excited to try a chili beer.

It’s hardly the first form of hot as hell alcohol.

Chili peppers and Tequila are an obvious blend. They’re so apparently linked that we couldn’t help but make an extract combining the two. And you’ve been able to get hot as hell alcohol in the form of chili vodka for years now.

And then there is Fireball whiskey… which doesn’t have chili peppers in it, but perhaps spurred the idea forward. Fireball whiskey has cinnamon in it. Not cinnamon like you find on sweet pastries in the mall food court. No, cinnamon-like the Fireball candies.

What you might not know is that cinnamon and capsaicin – the stuff that makes chili peppers hot as hell – are very closely linked. They share the same molecular base; it’s just the tail end that’s different. The similarities in the molecular structure are why Fireball candies and the whiskey of the same name can make people believe there’s a hell of a lot of spice in the mix.

National Hot as Hell Alcohol Day

Another crazy reason for changing the purpose of the upcoming foodie holiday to National Hot as Hell Alcohol Day is that we’ve spotted the most creative pairing to date. Chili pepper infused wine.

We couldn’t make this up if we tried. Partially, that’s because we know there are plenty of wine enthusiasts who believe you really shouldn’t adulterate wine like that.

We’re not part of that bunch. We absolutely dig the idea of Jalapeño-infused wine as presented by the folks at Art + Farm. We also love that they abide by the slogan, “Doing whatever the FUCK we want… since 2008.”

We do the same thing. And that’s why we’ll absolutely drink hot as hell alcohol of whatever variety we want on the day previously known as National Drink a Beer Day.

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