Netflix & Chill : Just Add Hot Sauce!

During the romantic winter months aka it’s too damn cold to do anything but chill on the couch and cuddle.

It’s nice to know that Netflix and a little hot sauce can make a cold night feel warm and toasty.

To add a little spice to your Netflix & Chill add your favorite hot sauce (we recommend Mad Dog Liquid Fire Sauce) to your big bowl of fresh-from-the-microwave popcorn. The spiciness plus the salt makes for a perfect snack while watching your favorite shows.

Here are the hottest shows on Netflix to pair with your favorite hot sauces.

Sausage Party: This hilarious adult cartoon based on the high imagination of actor Seth Rogan features sass-talking food and their plan to escape back to the grocery store. Hot Dogs and buns are the main characters of this movie - we recommend spicing it up with Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce.

The Santa Clarita Diet: stars Drew Barrymore in this comedy series looking to spoof on all those zombie shows. Barrymore plays a bubbly suburban housewife who is literally a man-eater. Try Mad Dog 357 Pure Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce to douse on your diet foods.

Milk: This Harvey Milk biopic about the San Francisco politician who changed the face of civil rights has a name we can all appreciate when we are dying from a burning tongue after eating spicy foods. Drink milk, not water, to relieve the burn after you have had too much hot sauce like Mad Dog 357 Sriracha Sauce.

Narcos is a nail-biting tv series about the rise and fall of narcotics dealer, Pablo Escobar. Mostly filmed in South America and Miami, we can appreciate the spicy native foods of these two places. Try adding a kilo of Ghost Pepper Powder to your Netflix+Narcos night.

Can’t Buy Me Love: Instant classic about a high school nerd who went from total geek to totally chic. Make your main squeeze extra hot but offering them Revenge Habanero and Pepper Extract.

Steak Revolution: Are you hungry yet? This documentary is about the global pursuit of the world’s best steak and features interviews with chefs, farmers, and other experts about what effects the quality of the meat. We recommend dousing your steak with Pure Poison Hot Sauce

The People vs OJ Simpson: we all know the story, but seeing these high caliber award-winning performances is a master class in acting and storytelling. New information is revealed to make this a stunning tv series. Now that OJ’s safe behind bars let us offer this hot sauce for your next viewing, Anal Angst X-Hot Sauce.

Stranger Things is the surprise hit of the year and no wonder, we all love the eighties and extra-terrestrials and Eggos and Eggos with hot sauce. Try sprinkling Mad Dog Hot Sauce Mini on your toaster waffles. Stranger Things is now on Netflix and Stranger Things Season Two comes out Halloween 2017. Plenty of time to catch up!

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