Pucker up for hot peppers


Makeup can be used to accentuate your features

Or even change your appearance. Sometimes, it’s the ingredients more than the technique that matters, and that’s especially true when it comes to one of the latest lip plumping glosses. Some makeup fanatics are using a product made from hot peppers to bring a little extra flair to their appearance. You might just say they’re truly puckering up for peppers!

One of the latest lip plumping products on the market in Japan comes from a beauty brand called Keybo.

The Lip Plus Plumper contains menthol and reportedly hot peppers. That’s why the lip gloss not only gives off a cooling sensation, but it also stimulates the lips. When you use it, it’s said the gloss increases blood flow and causes your lips to swell up, basically resulting in plumper lips. The Lip Plus Plumper has three levels, distinguished by the number of peppers. Level one is the Lip Plus Plumper Original with three chili peppers on its packaging. Level two is the Lip Plus Plumper Master with four chili peppers. Level three, meanwhile, is the Lip Plus Plumper Grand Master, which denotes five chili peppers on the outside of its packaging.

A reporter recently tried it out, relaying that it begins with a cool menthol sensation before it begins to burn.

It’s been described as a stinging sensation, much like what you’d probably experience after eating something spicy hot. While at least one user reported the stinging went on for about a half an hour, the gloss did leave their lips red and plump for at least a couple of hours. The reporter then recruited her co-workers to try it out, some of whom saw significant results. It may not be the traditional way of enjoying the hot pepper scale, but it seems there’s more than one way to experience the “burn” of hot peppers.

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