Reaper Chips Breaking the Internet

The internet is a funny, funny thing.

It’s transformed everything over the past few decades – research, connections with high school friends, and an endless stream of shit to buy or obsess over.

And, you never know what’s going to become a sensation. While few things are as powerful as Kim Kardashian’s ass, you’ll find that rainbow highlighter makeup and Carolina Reapers tend to hold a lot more weight than the cute kitten videos it’s impossible to escape.

It makes sense then, that a single chip (yes, like a tortilla chip) can cause such a stir. The latest release from Paqui tortilla chips is doing just that.

In every packet, you’ll find a single Carolina Reaper Madness Chip. A single chip.

The theory is that you won’t need any more than that. It’s so damn hot that one chip will blow your mind. And, let’s face it, that amount of capsaicin is enough to stave off hunger for hours.

Rather than marketing this chip as a challenge or something that will explode your face, perhaps it should be rebranded as a diet chip. Grab a few packs, tuck them into your desk drawer (the one that locks), and you’ll never feel the need to run out for fast food or treat the office to a pizza because you’re so freaking hungry you can’t think.

What’s Inside?

As you open the red and white box covered with the warnings you would find on any bottle of decent hot sauce, you’ll reveal a strange-looking chip packet. More than anything, it looks like an interesting condom wrapper.

Really, it’s the sort of thing you might accidentally reach for in the drawer of dirty toys. (Warning, you never want to go down on your partner after consuming copious amounts of capsaicin. Well, check with them first… we don’t have any idea what you’re into.)

As you open the packet that resembles a condom, you’ll want to exercise caution. In addition to Reaper powder, you’ll find Ghost Pepper and Chipotle seasoning. If you get these peppers on your hands and forget to wash them before using the bathroom, you’ll be in a sorry state for a long time. And, it’s a little difficult to sit in a bowl of milk while trying to prove to your friends that you’re the coolest thing to walk the planet.

Of course you’re going to give these chips this chip a try. As a chili head, you have no choice. And then, may we suggest trying better ways to enjoy the flavor of Reapers, such as the Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha Hot Sauce or by tossing a silver of our Reaper Pepper Pods into your next batch of chili? At the very least, you’ll have enough to share with your friends.

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