The Best Foods to Eat While Gaming

Ask any serious gamer and they will explain the trials of mixing their passion with basic well-being.

You know, it’s difficult to pause the game for things like showering or sleeping. In principle, you can eat while gaming, but it’s not easy.

Sure, it’s possible if you’re playing the first edition of Mario or the latest version of The Sims, but real gamers need two hands on the controls at all times.

It’s also easier to ignore the need to shower than the rumbling of your belly.

That’s why there are entire forums dedicated to the foods that people eat while gaming.

The Best Foods to Eat While Gaming?

Check out any of these forums and you’ll find one food features more than any other... pizza. Of course, you’ll find chips right up there too. These foods are just easy to procure. And, unless each slice is loaded with triple cheese and extra sauce, it’s fairly easy to consume them with one hand.

Remember though that modern gaming typically requires two hands. Many gamers report stopping their game to eat or not getting down to the business of gaming until they’ve eaten. Instead, they look for sustenance in their foods like eating well the night before a big race.

The Best Foods for Gamers

If you’re a purist sort of gamer, you want to keep your food and your games separate because there’s nothing worse than having your ass handed to you while you wipe pizza grease from your chin.

Fortunately, we’ve got some suggestions for gamers that need some help getting through a session without falling asleep or crying (from hunger). Here are our favorites:

Coffee – We're just honest. If you need to stay awake, you need some form of caffeine or a strong Jedi force radiating through your body. We prefer coffee to the stronger, caffeine-loaded drinks simply because it’s less likely to make you twitchy.

Carbs – While these babies have a bad rap these days, they work. Carbs allow endurance. (It’s when you eat carbs and then go to bed that they’re really a problem.) Think of pasta and bread as time-release energy. Of course, we suggest layering your carbs with veggies and protein to balance out the sugars.

Chilies – C’mon, you knew this was coming. But, we’re not just adding it to the list because we make hot sauces. The capsaicin in chili peppers will help your gaming stamina in more ways than one. For a start, they’re a rush, and you can totally game longer when your body is pumped full of endorphins. Plus, capsaicin signals the production of your natural hunger-suppressing hormones.

What does all this mean? You should have our Mad Dog Drunken Scorpion Pasta with a side of veggies, washed down with coffee before any major gaming session. And, if you don’t believe us now, you will as soon as you give it a try.

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