Yes! The Easter Pepper is a Real Thing and It’s Amazing!

The Chili Pepper Institute in New Mexico knows a thing or two about growing chili peppers.

They happened to breed a new type of pepper known as the NuMex Easter Pepper.

Its stunning bouquet of yellow, red, orange, and purple peppers gives this spicy arrangement a springtime feel.

Gardeners are praising these peppers as very easy to grow. They grow compact, just six inches tall. Their clusters usually stay at 4-6 peppers and are in colorful shades of the pepper rainbow minus the green. Before they blossom, the plant produces tiny white flowers as a sign the peppers are about the burst.

The peppers are sun worshippers (must grow in direct sunlight) and grow pointed upwards. They are privy to different temps and environmental conditions including heat, drought, humidity, and rain.

The peppers are from the Capsicum Annum family and usually blossom 4-6 weeks after planting and then grow continuously with ripe, green foliage surrounding the peppers. They are considered ornamental peppers which are peppers that are simply beautiful and give off an array of colors. They grow best in pots, long skinny beds, on patios, and in the outdoors. They plant best in springtime and

The pepper plant won the All-American Selections award in 2014. They definitely pack some heat so be careful when biting into one. On the Scoville chart, they range 30,000-50,000 SHU.

Their colorful bouquet reminds gardeners of the pastel color eggs in an Easter basket.

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