Your Ass Is Burning, Why Isn’t Your Stomach?

Every hot sauce lover has asked themselves this question at least once in their lives even if he (or she) doesn’t normally suffer from ring sting.

It’s a valid question. After all, super hot sauces burn the hell out of your mouth, making you sweat and cry as you swallow. Then, they burn like lava on the way out the next morning. Why don’t you ever feel as though your stomach might explode from the fiendish fire between the two points?

The answer is both complex and wildly simple.

First, if you consume enough capsaicin (the compound that makes you feel as though someone has set you alight), you will feel it in your stomach. But you need more of it to really register pain.

That’s because capsaicin triggers the same pain receptors as fire. Your body has a bunch of these receptors hanging around the top layers of your skin as a warning mechanism for your brain. You know, just in case your other senses don’t alert you to the fact that you’re on fire.

Because these receptors are more concentrated under mucous membranes, you’ll feel the effects of the fire more intensely in these areas. Mucus is the aqueous substance produced by these membranes, and in case you’re wondering where the naturally damp, mucus-filled areas of your body are, you can bet your mouth and your anus are two of them.

By that logic, you must be wondering if your stomach isn’t also filled with a bunch of aqueous substances too. Yeah, it is. But, your body doesn’t need as many fire receptors here because you’re well on your way to death by the time fire begins consuming your internal organs. At this point, you no longer need an alert system, you need some relief.

So, you’ll feel Mad Dog 357 hot sauces on the way in, and most people will feel them on the way out. But, in the middle, there’s a good chance you won’t notice at all. Well, you won’t notice when you stop crying, sweating and making those wildly inappropriate sounds of pain.

Now, doesn’t that sound fun?

Yeah, we think so too which is why we offer the world’s hottest sauces which you can pick up right here. Enjoy!

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