6 healthy reasons to eat more hot peppers


A lot of people enjoy the taste of hot peppers, while other people indulge in the spicy flavor for bragging rights.

No matter what’s fueling your pepper addiction, it’s a good one to have. Hot peppers are packed with health benefits. From a possible cancer fighter to better longevity, here are six healthy reasons to eat more hot peppers:

To beat aggressive lung cancers

The first one could potentially help save your life. Researchers are looking into whether capsaicin may also make lung cancer cells more responsive to treatments. That’s significant because small cell lung cancer is a particularly aggressive form of cancer.

To slow lung cancer

Along the same lines, at least one study connects eating chili peppers with slowing the spread of lung cancer. Scientists believe it’s the capsaicin in hot peppers that prevents cancer cells from invading other cells.

As a cancer fighter

Not only that, but capsaicin may actually prevent several forms of cancer from growing. The problem is, it’s hard for your body to absorb capsaicin in pill form. While researchers look at how best to deliver it, they’re also looking into whether it can effectively be used as an anti-cancer drug.

To calm stomach aches

If you’re suffering from an upset stomach, you may want to turn to chili peppers. Sure, there are already products on the market that claim to help with just that, but research shows chili peppers can also help calm things down when you have an irritated gut.

For longevity

If you want to live a longer, healthier life, you may want to turn to spicy food. The American Heart Association released a study that says chili peppers can help cut your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 26-percent. Peppers contain antioxidants and they have anti-inflammatory properties.

To curb salt cravings

If you’re trying to cut down on sodium, peppers may help with that, too. In a study, people who claimed they really like spicy food consumed less salt, plus their blood pressure numbers were lower, too.

Luckily there are all kinds of peppers out there to try, with varying degrees of heat on the Scoville Scale. Work your way up the scale for more flavor, and possibly a healthier future.

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