Healthy Ways to Use Hot Sauce

There are healthy ways to use hot sauce.

Research has proven that chilies (and their derivatives) help people to lose weight.  That’s brilliant news for chili heads that already work their addiction into every single meal.  Novices looking to shed a few pounds may find it a little more difficult to find a love for chilies.

When you eat chilies or hot sauce, your body reacts to the chemical compound capsaicin in a variety of ways.  


  • Sends the same signals as fat does to the brain, which then believes that you are fuller faster.  And, obviously, portion control is a part of weight control.
  • Activates endorphin and serotonin release too.  Even though you’ve eaten less, your body and mind are happy and satisfied.
  • Is naturally stimulates increased metabolism, helping your body to flush your body of unnecessary foods.
  • Enhances sexual performance (which we’ll label as an exercise for the time being).

But knowing this is not enough, you’ve got to incorporate chilies, hot sauces and extracts into your diet.  We’ve got 10 delicious ideas to lose weight with chilies here, but as any chili head will tell you, you can add chili to just about anything for an incredible flavor – and that includes everything from hot chocolate to a slice of pizza.  (And indeed, you should unquestionably try those too!)

10 Healthy Ways to Use Hot Sauce

Bean Chili – Let’s just start with the original, shall we?  Beans are a healthy source of protein for your body, which makes them a better option than fatty meats for your chili.  The trick is to use a just few drops of some seriously incredible hot sauce or chili extract for the heat.  Why not try Mad Dog Inferno for a nice burn?

Scrambled Eggs – Leave out the whole milk when you scramble your eggs.  Work in a drop of any of the 357 sauces before adding your eggs to the pan.  The chili sauce will give you all the flavor you need, so you can use a spray for the pan rather than a glug of oil.

Broccoli and Garlic Stir-fry – This method of cooking is possibly the best way to retain all the nutrients of the vegetables.  Broccoli, garlic (and even ginger, if you’re keen) are all superfoods.  So, once you add in some of the world’s hottest chili sauces, you’ll have all the flavor and nutrition you could want from a meal.

Salmon Tartare – You know fish is fantastic for your heart, especially when it’s smoked or steamed.  Grab your favorite salmon tartare recipe and add a splash of hot sauce to make this dish from healthy to extraordinary.

Asian Salad – Mix a few drops of hot sauce with a citrus and soy dressing to pour over any salads (or even a bit of tuna) for a truly scrumptious flavor.  You may even forget that you’re eating just a salad.

Spicy Hummus – Healthy hummus and celery sticks don’t need to be boring.  You can easily give this easy snack depth by adding in just a drop or two of the world’s hottest chili sauces.  And, this is one quick snack that it’s easy to crave.

Quinoa and Corn Salad – Although it’s remarkably healthy for you, quinoa is not at the top of everyone’s list.  But, once you add in a handful of corn kernels and a splash of hot sauce, you’ll find it’s not so difficult to eat.

Turkey Meatballs – Turkey is low in fat, rendering it one of the healthiest meats available on the market, especially when it’s baked instead of fried.  Hot sauce or possibly some blitzed chilies will easily transform turkey meatballs into a decadent main course.

Sweet and Spicy Shrimp – Mix hot sauce with honey and a squeeze of lime to create a glaze for shrimp.  Allow the shrimp to marinate for several minutes, perhaps already threaded onto a skewer if you prefer.  Then cook to your liking as you baste with the remaining sauce.

Bloody Mary – Use a strong 357 hot sauce in place of the standard offering.  Alright, perhaps you’ll have made it a Virgin Mary if you prefer it that way, but the tomato juice and celery are always beneficial for you.  And, you can even freeze this mix for bloody Mary popsicles.  Delicious.

Actually, we think all of these are delicious ideas whether they’re great for weight loss or not.  You can enjoy the burn – and happy health at the same time; that’s always a winner.

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