How to naturally treat migraine-induced vomiting

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you understand the intense pain.

Unlike regular headaches, migraine attacks can be brutal. With a migraine, you’re typically suffering from a throbbing, pounding pain on one side of your head. Sometimes, a migraine can be so bad it brings on nausea and vomiting. Afterwards, you may feel a little pain relief, but it’s more likely that the vomiting may be signaling the end of your migraine attack. For others, unfortunately, it’s just part of the progression of a migraine.

If your migraine brings on nausea, you’ve probably already lost your appetite.

After all, who thinks about eating when you feel like you’re going to get sick. When a more intense migraine comes along, you’re probably looking for anything you can do to end the vomiting right away. That’s because, for some, a migraine can last several days. Everyone seems to experience different symptoms. Sure, there are some drugs aimed at curing migraines, but there are also some natural alternatives that may help if you’re experiencing nausea or vomiting. One solution is a common one. Get some rest. You’ll also want to make sure you have some hydrating beverages or ice-cold water available. You probably want to avoid doing any type of activity right after you eat too and avoid brushing your teeth right after you eat when you’re prone to vomiting.

In terms of food, unfortunately you may want to lay off spicy food if you’re dealing with a migraine and vomiting.

While now is probably not the best time to explore the hot pepper scale, you can always go back to what you love after the migraine has passed. Instead, you’ll probably want to focus on bland, light foods for a bit. Also, try to eat slowly and make sure you’ve chewed your food properly. While none of these things is a cure, you may find one or more of them work as a natural alternative to treating migraine-induced vomiting.

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