Take Your Chili to the Next Level


There’s no doubt that winter is on its way!

The leaves have fallen, there’s snow across some parts of the nation and many kitchens are heating up with the smells and tastes of the upcoming winter season.

Fall and winter are, of course, a great time to curl up with a hearty, hot meal, and nothing quite warms your bones like a bowl of piping hot chili.

Most of us probably grew up eating chili during the cold winter season, but if you’re finding the meal kind of bland and unexciting, perhaps you’re not making it right! Sure it’s not all that hard to heat up some hot chili, but next time it’s on the menu try taking your chili to the next level. Adding some spice to your chili sauce always does the trick, as cayenne peppers and chili powder are a staple when it comes to making a crowd-pleasing pot of chili. If you’re craving more spice than your current recipe delivers, try adding in another healthy dose of pepper or chili powder to put your meal over the top. You can definitely experiment as you go, slowly adding in more and more spice until you reach just the right amount.

A pepper puree can also work extremely well for a fiery hot chili recipe, but chicken chili also works extremely well topped off with a dash or so of hot sauce. No matter which recipe you choose, heat aficionados are sure to love the added heat of spicing up a bowl of piping hot chili and turning it into something that you and your dinner guests won’t forget anytime soon. Whether mildly hot or scorching hot, your favorite chili recipe is sure to turn out even bolder and more satisfying when you add in some extra spice.

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