Teach your kid early to love spicy food


When it comes to kids and food, most parents know it’s a struggle, at least from time to time, to keep from raising a picky eater.

Kids are notorious for liking a certain type of food one day, then refusing to even try it the next. It’s nothing new, even people who are parents right now probably have memories of being forced to sit at the kitchen table until they finished their food. It’s tough to get kids to try new things, but it’s possible to make mealtime a bit more diverse, and even kickstart a lifelong love of spicy food if you start early.

Some experts suggest letting your kids help prepare the meal.


This may help spark their curiosity. Another tip is to give kids choices to help present different types of tastes and textures. If you want your kid to share your love for spicy food, you may want to try adding just a little bit of spice now and be patient about adding more seasonings. You probably don’t want to overwhelm their taste buds with too much heat, so stay away from anything high on the hot pepper scale. Instead, start small with things like cumin, basil, cinnamon, and mint. This way the meal won’t be so bland. Instead, it will give them at least a small taste of flavor. You can also try adding just a bit of paprika to something you know they’ll already eat, like macaroni and cheese.

If you overdo it, your child might start refusing certain items altogether. If this happens, you’re once again left trying to figure out how to force your child to eat. If you let them make some decisions by offering up a few key choices, they’ll be able to try new foods on their terms. Slowing down the pace helps your child feel more comfortable and makes it a bit easier for parents at mealtime, too.

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