The many health benefits of capsaicin

Capsaicin is what’s to thank for bringing the spicy hot to hot peppers

But capsaicin isn’t just good for its flavoring. It’s also packed with a lot of health benefits. This includes everything from helping you fight against certain types of physical pain to potentially helping fight off diseases. Sometimes the capsaicin is consumed, but other times its used topically on your skin. That’s the case with some creams containing capsaicin. In some situations, people can get relief from things like arthritis pain or pain derived from complications of shingles. The first time you use it on your skin, capsaicin cream may sting a bit. It works by activating a pain receptor, and eventually desensitizing it in a way that helps alleviate pain.

While you can sometimes get relief from using a capsaicin cream, other people have found benefits from consuming capsaicin.

Studies have looked at things like the possible antioxidant benefits tied to capsaicin, plus the potential for helping with weight control. It’s said consuming capsaicin can make you feel fuller, plus it also likely helps increase energy expenditure. It’s believed capsaicin may even have some anticarcinogenic benefits. There’s at least some evidence that capsaicin may be able to help destroy certain cancer cells. Another possible health benefit could be related to helping treat antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. It’s not likely capsaicin can replace the need for antibiotics, but it may be used in a way that helps keep people from developing resistance to them or it may even reduce the amount of antibiotics needed.

Many researchers maintain more research is likely needed...

To find all the possible health benefits and directly tie them to eating capsaicin in food, it could be a good place to start. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways to get more hot peppers and hot pepper products in your diet. How hot the pepper depends on the variety and your willingness to explore new levels on the Scoville Scale.

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