Time to Start Healthy Eating


Welcome to 2016!

Before you know it, we’ll be counting down the hours to 2017. Before that, though, there will be several warm months where you’ll want to look your best.

Not only that, but you’ll want to feel your best too. And, to do that, it’s time to start eating better. After all, the indulgence of the past few months has probably taken their toll on your body.

Fortunately, the food trends for 2016 make it easier to pursue (and accomplish) healthy eating.

Making Healthy Eating Choices Your Business

Whether you would like to lose a few pounds or you just want to tone up, what goes into your body is super important. In fact, it may be even more important than hitting the gym. Exercise is important, mind you, but your body needs a certain range of vitamins to perform at high levels.

And, to get yourself into shape before summer is in swing, you’ll need to start making those healthy eating choices now.

Lucky you! Mad Dog is here to make it easier for you to eat healthier in 2016. Here’s how we’re doing it.

• Food tastes better with Mad Dog. Truly. And you might need it too. 2016 is all about lentils, beans, and vegetables. That may not be your first choice. Until you become accustomed to these ingredients, you may need to add a little something extra to your meals. Sure, you could add any ol’ condiment. But, why would you when Mad Dog offers healthy eating benefits not found in those options.

• Mad Dog helps with appetite suppression. Okay, it’s the capsaicin in Mad Dog hot sauces. But, it actually subdues your urge to eat. That means you can go longer between meals and snacks without feeling like you need to eat something NOW! You know you make better choices when you’re not at that point, right? Plus, capsaicin helps you to feel fuller faster which means you’re more likely to pay attention to portion sizes. Nice, right?

• Increased metabolism and the ability to burn fat faster is always a plus. And guess what, capsaicin gives you both. It’s like becoming a superhero. (Which is, more or less, how others will see you when they figure out how many Scoville are in Mad Dog hot sauces). You will burn more fat when you make Mad Dog part of your healthy eating routine and, guess what, you’ll get more of capsaicin’s benefits too.

Just for kicks, why not try to increase your Scoville tolerance this year? There are incredible health benefits to be found in every bottle… and, yes, it really will help you to make healthy eating choices this year. (So, you should be beach ready by June!)

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