What to grab when your arthritis flares up


If you’ve ever dealt with arthritis pain, you know that sometimes you just need a little relief.

One of the most popular products on the market in Bengay, which can sometimes help temporarily ease the pain of arthritis. Bengay works topically, and comes as either a patch, a gel, or a cream. While you may see it come under another name, brand name Bengay works similarly to some of its counterparts. The active ingredient is menthol, so you’ll probably feel a cooling sensation first, followed up by a warm sensation on your skin. The product temporarily numbs your skin, which sometimes give you a little relief from muscle pain or even minor arthritis. The menthol also helps improve skin blood flow. After about an hour, you may notice it starts wearing off.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Bengay, why not try something that contains capsaicin

After all, that’s the compound found in hot chili peppers that naturally makes them hot. Peppers with the highest levels of capsaicin rank highest on the Scoville Scale. While many people think peppers are just for eating, there are some capsaicin products out there that can potentially help with things like arthritis pain. When you use a product with capsaicin in it, you’ll probably experience a burning, tingling sensation. It helps block the pain signals to your nerves. Unless you’re using the product on your hands, you’ll want to thoroughly wash your hands right away to get all of the capsaicin off.

There are other options too

Including topical NSAID gels and creams, over-the-counter salicylates, or Lidocaine, which also numbs your skin and blocks pain signals. Of course, before you use anything, make sure you’re keeping in touch with your doctor, and you’re reading all the ingredients and safety precautions. To get relief, you need to use any product as its directed.

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