6 Countries And The Unique Way They Use Chili Peppers


Chili peppers are a universal food that can morph into many things including sauces, spices, and even an eclectic decoration for the home.

All across the world chili peppers are influencing the way we eat, cook, and even take care of our health.

Here are unique ways 5 countries across the globe incorporate chili peppers into their everyday lives:

SOUTH AFRICA ~ Zulu sauce is a very spicy sauce made with hot chili peppers and tomatoes. It been a popular recipe in the homes of African families that have been passed down to generations for over 400 years. In America, you can find it at Disneyland, where a version of the sauce is used on “Bengal Ribs” near the Jungle Book cruise.

MEXICO ~ As a decoration, chili peppers are hung from the branches of Christmas Trees in the homes of some Mexican families in lieu of ornaments to create a beautiful red and green, and sometimes orange, assortment of colors on the tree.

INDIA ~ In India, scientists are creating unique weapons for the military. Grenades filled with chili powder is just one of the ammo being created to ward off the enemy. Currently, pepper sprays are most commonly used by police in many countries across the world.

BHUTAN ~ this small country’s national dish is called the emadatsi, which is a savory dish made of cheese sauce covered in chilies. Most of the native dishes of this country and also in the people’s everyday diet include chili peppers.

HUNGARY ~ The national spice is Paprika which is made from ground chili seeds and dried fruit. Paprika is used in many of the native dishes including goulash.

ITALY ~ In Italy, the natives use chili peppers to make puttanesca sauce. In Italian folklore hanging chili peppers at the entrance of your home or in your car is a form of protection. Also carrying a chili pepper with you (also known as a horn) can bring you good luck.

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