Food Superstitions: Don’t Hand a Hot Pepper + 9 Other Foodie Folktales

While black cats and the number 13 tend to put the fear in some people, these superstitions are just some of the many that have become folklore in our world culture.

Food is an element that is quite dominant in superstitions including “Throwing salt over your shoulder” and “how to keep vampires away with garlic.” - those are obvious. But there are some that you may have never heard of like did you know it’s bad luck to cut a banana and also never bring one aboard a ship - you may get lost at sea!

Here are 10 Food Superstitions (according to folklore) Not Widely Known:

  1. EGGS: breaking open an egg with two yolks inside could mean someone you know is getting married or having twins.
  1. APPLES: If you cut an apple and count the seeds you can find out how many kids you will have.
  1. NOODLES: Never cut your noodles according to Chinese folklore. A long noodle means long life and cutting a noodle means cutting your life short.
  1. TEA: If you spill your tea it means a stranger will visit you soon.
  1. COFFEE: Bubbles in your coffee means money is coming to your soon so drink up those bubbles before they vanish for good luck!
  1. GREEN CHILES: In Indian Culture, string together seven green chilies and one lemon and hang in a safe part of the house (usually under a table) to ward off evil spirits. Every Saturday burn it and replace it with seven new chilies and lemon and repeat.
  1. BIRTHDAY CAKE: In Greek culture, it is said that birthday cake attracts evil spirits, but singing happy birthday and burning candles scares them away.
  1. PARSLEY: Planting parsley seeds will help a woman become pregnant.
  1. HOT PEPPER: Never give a friend a hot pepper directly, it could bring discord to the friendship Instead place the pepper down and have your friend pick it up.
  1. PEANUTS: Don’t eat peanuts at a play or sporting events. It is said to give the performer bad luck.

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