Are You Addicted to Red Foods?

Slathering Hot Sauce on Everything is in Your Genes

There’s a recent study by the International School of Advanced Studies that states people are drawn to foods that are red in color and often steer away from foods that are green claiming it’s like “upside-down traffic light in our brain”.

Foods that are red such as chili peppers, strawberries, and even Doritos are more appealing to the eye than green foods such as kale and broccoli.

This is because vision plays an important role in choosing what we want to eat.

According to the study, attraction to red foods dates back to our ancestors who were hunters and gatherers, using red as a silent signal that the food had nutritional value and was higher in calories.

Unlike dogs who rely on their sense of smell, humans rely on their vision to guide us which is why the color of foods plays an important part in the “choosing what to eat process”. Our retinas are designed to see certain colors more boldly. Red food is a color that our brains dominantly choose over green because it is efficiently more distinguishable.

This study only holds true for food. Participants in this study did not tend to choose red objects or things other than food - making this hypothesis relevant only to edible items. Participants chose red foods because they were higher in calories and had the ability to fill you up, whereas green foods tended to have little to no calories. The study shows that humans naturally look for foods that are not only nutritious but are calorie-dense - proving that color is a good indicator of that. One researcher stated, “The redder an unprocessed food is, the more likely it is to be nutritious, while green foods tend to be low in calories.”

So next time you are reaching for your yellow eggs or your cream-colored tortilla wrapped burrito - slather a little hot sauce on there! It’s nutritious and delicious.

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