Hot Valentines Day

It’s Valentine’s Day again.

We don’t really know what your relationship status is (and we’re not sure it’s our business anyhow). But we’re certain that you’re here to profess your love for scorching hot sauces. And we’ll join you in that; cause we’re certainly in love with Mad Dog this holiday.

We’ve got reasons for loving each one of our scorching hot sauces. And each one is as unique as the sauce itself. But we know the complete list would make you crazy. This Hot Valentines Day, we’re just focusing on the super traits that all scorching Hot Valentines Day sauces share.

Why We Love Scorching Hot Sauces

Sense of Superiority - Let’s just get this reason out of the way, shall we? You know, and we know, that not everyone can enjoy scorching hot sauces. There are still plenty of folks stuck at the Tabasco end of the Scoville scale. When we add 357,000 Scovilles to our meals, we’re proud. Maybe we shouldn’t be, but it certainly feels like an achievement, doesn’t it?

Meals Taste Better with Scorching Hot Sauces

Okay, there are times when you know you’ve added too much, and you’re pretty certain you won’t get through it. And then there are meals like this Mad Dog Vodka Pasta that would never be good if you ignored the Scovilles. (If you're still not tried this recipe, you’re seriously missing out.)

Best Labels Ever - Who wants to eat foods and sauces that say, “your momma loves it”? Sure, there’s a time and a place for that. But, seriously, aren’t you drawn to the branding around scorching hot sauces? It’s way more fun to buy things that say, “your momma warned you” and “there’s no way you’ll make it through this”. Isn’t it?

Scovilles Are Great for Weight Loss

 By now you’ve seen that capsaicin is a weight-loss miracle worker. (If you’ve not heard this before, then welcome to our website. We’re certainly happy to see you.) It should go without saying that the more Scovilles you have, the more capsaicin you’re getting. And we like that; it allows us to indulge in more sinful foods.

Best YouTube Videos - Alright, we don’t want to limit this to just YouTube videos - we’ve spotted some on other sites. But, we have to admit we don’t mind watching willing victims sweat like crazy after eating scorching hot sauces. (We can’t admit to liking any videos where the tasters have no idea what they’re in for - especially if they’re kids.)

The Big Health Benefits - If a delicious food was shown to fight or forestall cancer and other serious medical issues (think heart disease and diabetes), you’d want to eat as much as you could, right? And that’s exactly what the capsaicin in scorching hot sauces does. So dig in; hot sauces might just be the last thing that’s both tasty and good for you.

It’s All about the Rush - We’ll admit it, sometimes we have scorching hot sauces because of the rush. We love the flavors and that (perhaps false) sense of superiority. We also love the health benefits that you get. But at times, it’s all about those endorphins, isn’t it? Go on, you can admit it too. It’s Valentine’s Day, after all - show some love!

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