Bigger Jalapeno Poppers on The Way

Who doesn’t love a stuffed, melty, gooey Jalapeno Popper?

They’re just so delicious. Granted, they’re not terribly fiery, but they’re über delicious.

The biggest problem (you know, besides the fat, they’re fried in) is that they’re just not big enough. Okay, okay, Jalapeño Poppers are fine as they are. But, there’s always the possibility they could be bigger. You know you want that. We certainly do.

And, it looks like we might be able to get our mouths around them soon.

New Peppers Sprouting All the Time

We’re still staring down the barrel of a limitless number of peppers. We have no idea how many combinations there will be before the world ends. (We’re not willing to comment on when that will happen either.)

New varieties are cropping up all the time. In part, that’s just nature combined with man’s ability to reach remote areas of civilization. But mostly, it’s because people what new peppers. They engage in horticultural feats so that we can have hotter peppers or tastier peppers or even better-looking peppers.

Of course, there is another reason for developing new peppers. There is an idea floating around that peppers can be a little more nature resistant than what they are, well, naturally. No one wants to lose a harvest of chili peppers to nasty bugs or droughts.

It’s that kind of thinking that started some students over at the University of California Davis thinking about bigger Jalapeño Poppers. Initially, the idea was to create stronger peppers. And then some of the students began to wonder what would happen if it was possible to stuff a lot more filling into each and every Jalapeño.

It’s a fair question. After all, it’s easy to imagine incredible flavors tucked into every Jalapeño Popper that you order, isn’t it?

So, these students blended a Jalapeño with green bell pepper. They’re calling their peppers Jalapeño Poppers, which isn’t a terrible name at all.

Now for the Bad News

Soon isn’t soon enough. It’s going to be about three more years before there is a cultivar ready. But, it’s not difficult to imagine what will happen when those peppers are ready for consumption. Not only will it make for a difficult decision between nachos and Jalapeño Poppers at the bar, but it’s going to ensure that home cooks have a bigger, better pepper to stuff at home.

Yep, we love it. And we’re certain you do too. (Countdown begins!)

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