Chili and Chocolate The Perfect Pair

There are some things that people just go crazy over like chocolate or chilies.

You know what we mean; some people just have a glimmer in their eyes when they even think about these foods. Of course, chili and chocolate aren’t the only ones; you’ll find people that flip for cheese or hamburgers or wine. You can make a few good pairs out of those and in rare instances, you may even be able to mix all three together for an incredible evening.

But, chili and chocolate are natural bedfellows. And, they have been since both were linked to, well, bed. Both were believed to be aphrodisiacs – and they are.

Natural Aphrodisiacs

Chili peppers increase blood flow and trigger the release of serotonin in the brain; it can truly feel like a turn on, though it’s unlikely until you add the element of someone you’re attracted to. Chocolate, too, works to release serotonin in the brain. And, it also has something that works like an amphetamine of the natural variety. It makes you feel a little as if you’re falling in love.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming chili peppers are better for him while she will swoon over the chocolate. It doesn’t work like that.

And, indeed, chili and chocolate may just be better when they’re paired together.

Think about that outside of a sexual context. The natural sweetness of chocolate blends ever so well with the sharp heat of chili peppers. That’s why you’ll find chocolate bars brimming with chilies and why traditional Mexican hot chocolate calls for a pinch of chili powder.

More than Just a Pairing

With the success of chili and chocolate pairings, it shouldn’t be a surprise that horticulturalists wanted to do more to combine the two aphrodisiacs together more permanently.

And they have.

There are now chocolate peppers. Chocolate bell peppers offer a sweeter flavor that becomes addictive quite quickly, but there isn’t a lot of capsaicin tucked inside. Hotter chocolate peppers are more likely to fulfill the cravings of serious chili heads.

You can find Chocolate Habaneros if you look for them, and we’ve done even better than that. The flavor of our Chocolate Ghost Pepper is inescapable; so is its heat.

What does chocolate mean when found in the name of any chili pepper? Normally, you’ll get a hint of earthy smokiness in every bite. But, it’s more about drawing out the fruity flavors of the chili with the sweetness associated with chocolate. Let’s be honest; it’s incredible.

And yes, we’d say the Chocolate Ghost Pepper is as much an aphrodisiac as you would expect. And that’s not a bad side effect for any chili and chocolate pairing.

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