Disneyland’s Secret Spicy Menu


Going to Disneyland doesn’t mean you have to choose between the usual amusement park fare of chicken nuggets and corn dogs.

Instead of singing “It’s a Bland World After All” know that Disneyland, much like other amusement parks around the U.S., has super-secret menus that you can ask for to liven up your palate. While we love the In n’ Out version of their “Alien-style” Galactic Burger, we are mad over the super-secret, super-spicy plates.

Here are the Top 5 Spicy Foods you can order “on the down-low” at Disneyland.

  1. Corn Chip Chili Cheese Pie with Jalapeños aka the “Fire Fly" at Main Street Refreshment Corner. This is served in a silver-lined paper bag labeled “Electrical Main Street Parade” and inside is pure Disneyland magic. Corn chips, chili, cheese, and lots of jalapeños piled on each other with a fork that stands up in the bag, ready for you to take your first big bite!
  1. Mac n’ Chili Bread Bowl at Main Street Refreshment Corner. This bread bowl is filled with mac n’ cheese and spicy chili so you have the best of both worlds - carbs + spice! On the menu it’s just chili sourdough bowl, so make sure you ask for the “secret menu” version.
  1. “Electra” Fried Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Carnation Cafe - this sandwich is made with Sriracha honey sauce!
  1. Carnitas Fries at White Water Snacks (right inside the Disney Grand California Hotel). They pack on the jalapeños on these fries and under the shredded cheese you can find a surprise of melty-nacho cheese!
  1. At the Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland, you can order the Hot & Spicy Banyan Beef Skewer and the Bengal Beef Skewer with Zulu Sauce - order both with “extra sauce” to make it extra spicy and to dip your Tiger Tails breadsticks in. You can also order a Jalapeño cheese-filled pretzel as a spicy snack!

Can’t make it to Disneyland? Try creating your own spicy “secret menu” dishes with these tempting recipes:

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