Historically Bland Diets That Could Have Used Hot Sauce


Historically speaking we are lucky to be living in the times of spicy foods and hot sauce.

Back in the day's poor pilgrims and pirates were eating non-flavorful foods plus having to deal with scurvy and dysentery (remember Oregon Trail?!). Let’s take a culinary journey back to the days of our ancestors when they could have used a little Mad Dog Colon Cleanser to kickstart that covered wagon.

Pilgrims had a pretty basic diet of fish, beans, peas, porridge, and biscuits.

If they would have had some Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce minis they could have not only brought them over with them on the Mayflower for some spicy food at sea but shared them on the first Thanksgiving turkey with the Native Americans.

Cowboys had an infamous cheap and easy-to-travel-on-horses diet. They mostly ate cornbread, apples, beef, pork, beans, biscuits, potatoes, and some greens. Cowboys carrying Mad Dog 357 would have kept their insides clean while working their taste buds overtime. Hot sauce on cornbread is like biting into a whole new world.

Pirates are definitely not vegan and what Greenpeace would probably label as inhumane. They caught their own food at sea which included turtles, dolphins, and other fish. They brought food aboard a ship that would last long periods of time like hard biscuits. Some fruits like yams, plantains, and pineapples were also their food of choice until they spoiled for the insects got to them. Hot sauce has an extra-long shelf life which could have helped them during their long voyages, especially making those hard biscuits taste better. Mad Dog 357 Mountain Man Hot Sauce is made of slow-roasted corn, garlic, and chipotle which is pretty much a meal in itself.

The Gold Rush Miners’ diet consisted of mostly beans which would have tasted a whole lot better if they had Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce while panning for gold. Other foods for the original gold diggers included dried apples, bread, biscuits, boiled potatoes, and dried pork. Their only taste of excitement was a little bit of brandy in case they got thirsty, but mostly they drank water or coffee. All the gold and they are still poor. You have to be rich in flavor!

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