How Do You Stop an Elephant?

So, we’re pretty sure most of our customers (at least our American ones) don’t have elephants running around their neighborhoods.

Sure, if you live close enough to the zoo, you might hear them trumpeting every now and again. But, they’re not running rampant. You’re unlikely to run into an elephant when you stop off for a cup of coffee, for example.

But, just in case you do run into an elephant (or rather, he’s running into you), it’s always best to know how to handle that situation.

Yep, that’s right. Just raise your hand and watch the elephant run in another direction. (And, perhaps you should eat some chili peppers first; they give you courage.)

But, How Do You Stop Elephants from Approaching in the First Place?

Let’s just say you don’t want to take your chances. (Or you live near the zoo and you’re afraid the elephants will escape.) How do you stop elephants from approaching in the first place?

You could take a tip from the Elephant Pepper Development Trust (EPDT). This African organization works to plant chili pepper plants in areas where elephants do roam freely. Why? Elephants are damned dangerous. They trample people and crops (the latter action actually has the power to wipe out entire villages).

Elephants don’t like chili peppers, though. They will turn and head the other way as soon as they get a whiff of capsaicin in the wind. It doesn’t hurt them (any more than pepper spray irritates us as humans), but it does deter them.

To protect yourself from elephants, we suggest planting chili peppers all-around your property first and learning how to stop elephants with your hand once you leave your home. Of course, you will need to figure out how to keep small children away from your chili crops – or you’ll have a whole new set of worries to deal with.

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