Chili Peppers Pack a Punch

We’re constantly raving about all the good things capsaicin does for the body.

And, it’s true; capsaicin does a lot of good. It’s been known to relieve severe headaches and cause cancer cells to commit suicide (without harming the neighboring healthy cells). Research shows that capsaicin might just stop a heart attack in its tracks and may even prevent some types of cancers from developing.

All of that is brilliant.

But, we’ve got years of research ahead of us in these fields. The benefits of eating chili peppers aren't limited to scientific research, though. Each little pepper you eat packs a punch of vitamins. And, you don’t need to sift through arduous medical journals to know those are good for you.

Chili Peppers Provide Plenty of Vitamins

You may have heard that chili peppers contain more Vitamin C than oranges. That’s true though you may not be able to eat as many chilies as oranges in a day. (But that all depends on your heat tolerance.) But, chilies offer a lot more than just the big C.

• Vitamin A – This vitamin is essential to maintain your health through the long, cold days of winter. Your body uses it to keep the mucous membranes in your mouth and nose healthy. Without it, you’ll feel the sting of every single sneeze. And, this vitamin also helps to maintain your immune system, develop strong bones, and heal your wounds.

• Vitamin B6 – There are so many B Vitamins that it’s difficult to keep them all straight. B6 is important because it regulates over 100 enzyme reactions linked to your metabolism. That includes glucose metabolism that we need to maintain healthy eating habits. As a bonus, this vitamin will also strengthen immune function and aids with prenatal brain development during pregnancy.

Vitamin C – For years, you’ve been told to get plenty of Vitamin C when you feel a cold coming on. New research shows that Vitamin C may not be the miracle worker we always thought it was. But, it’s certainly not bad for you. It will still boost your immune system; it also prevents eye disease and delays the development of wrinkles. And, together with Vitamin A, Vitamin C works to strengthen the wall muscles of your heart.

• Vitamin K – This vitamin is most notable for its role in producing healthy blood clots. It also works to prevent heart disease and build strong bones. In fact, it’s essential for the latter. And the benefits of this Vitamin don’t end there.

Potassium – If there was ever a wonder mineral, it might be this one. Potassium is a great leveler. It balances anxiety and stress. It also works to maintain water balance, metabolism, and that all-important nervous system.

If these vitamins don’t compel you to eat your chilies every day, then think about all the research for serious diseases. And, if that still doesn’t do it for you, just consider that chili peppers make your food taste good – even when all you have is an egg on a slice of toast. Mmmmm

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