Love hot sauce? One lucky person gets paid to put their taste buds to the ultimate test

If you just can’t get enough of all things hot, you’ve come to the right place

But if you’ve ever thought of yourself as a sort of hot sauce connoisseur, just imagine getting paid to sample what you love above all else. That’s exactly what’s happening with a Mexican-style restaurant chain based out of Maryland. California Tortilla, commonly known as Cal Tort, is extending a very special employment offer to one lucky hot sauce aficionado. The company recently put out a call for a one-time “saucemelier”. The job is to sample menu items and suggest hot sauce pairings for Cal Tort.

Now, sadly the deadline has already passed to apply for the spicy hot job

But one lucky person will earn $2,500 for just one week of putting their taste buds to the ultimate test. The company boasts 75 different hot sauces on what it calls its “Wall of Flame”. It also has more than a dozen different sauces that can be added to orders at one of its restaurants. The company’s looking for the people who it claims, “can’t stand bland”. The winner is going to be named early next year. To be considered, all applicants had to be at least 18, plus they had to send in a video explaining what made them the perfect candidate for “saucemelier”.

Sure, it doesn’t exactly pay anything, but you can always try out your own skills at home when it comes to the hot pepper scale. There are all kinds of hot sauces on the market, and they range from fairly mild to earth shattering hot! If you’re brave enough, there’s always another scorching hot sauce to sample. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you when we say some of the hot sauces we offer are seemingly off the chart, insanely hot!

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