National Fast Food Day

You guessed it; there’s yet another foodie holiday this month.

And you might think this one is a little unconventional, after all, it’s a whole day dedicated to fattening convenience foods. Yep, November 16th is National Fast Food Day. But we suggest thinking about this food holiday in a new way. After all, just because we’re accustomed to thinking of fast food in one way, it doesn’t mean that we always need to think that way. There are two ways to transform National Fast Food Day – and Mad Dog can do both.

Spicing up National Fast Food Day

Although everyone gets the craving for fast food now and again (some of us more frequently than others), plenty of fast food isn’t all that great. In fact, besides the obviously unhealthy aspects, most fast foods taste awful. We can’t help that we crave it, of course, so we continue to eat it even though it is rarely satisfying.

So, if you’re going to do a traditional fast food day, then we suggest you do it right. First, you’ll need to pick your favorite fast food joint. And we suggest something along the lines of burgers or Mexican. That’s just because the next part of the plan is to bring your fast food home and douse it with plenty of Mad Dog hot sauce. That’s it really. We know it’s simple, but Mad Dog really does make it all better. You’ll get plenty of taste – and you’ll get it fast.

Start Thinking of Food Fast Instead of Fast Food

We all get hungry to the point where we need to eat… NOW! And that’s understandable. But for National Fast Food Day, you might want to start thinking about food fast instead of the sloppy stuff they hand you in the drive-thru. And, it is easier than you might think to get healthy food fast – especially when you add Mad Dog to the mix.

There are plenty of cookbooks aimed at healthy, yet speedy cooking. And that’s really if you plan to go all out. You can always consider a tin of tuna with a touch of Mad Dog on crackers – or Mad Dog crackers and cheese for that matter. A whole-wheat roll with a few pieces of leftover roast chicken, a bit of lettuce, and mayo topped off with Mad Dog also make delicious food fast. The more you plan ahead (and check out some of our incredible recipes), the more you’ll learn to embrace this trend.

But Back to National Fast Food Day…

Then again, if you’re used to having healthy food fast on a regular basis, then perhaps you will want to celebrate this holiday the traditional way. The good news is that Mad Dog helps to counter the effects of fast food. It works in a number of different ways to reduce your food cravings and increase your metabolism. And that means that you can celebrate National Fast Food Day anyway you please. It’s all about picking up a bottle of Mad Dog hot sauce first.

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