Online Dating Profile: Must Love Hot Sauce

If your dating life has become as stale as that half bagel that still lies on the seat of your car in the brown paper bag from last week, then maybe you need something to spice it up.

Recent research suggests that people who love hot sauce have certain personality traits that make them crave not only hot, spicy foods, but also adventure, excitement, and sensation seeking.

The cravings differ between men and women.

Women were found to be sensation seekers - loving the burning sensation in their mouth, while men were more reward seekers. Men liked the reward of being perceived as macho for being able to withstand the heat. The reward was a social reward that made them feel accepted by their peers for braving the hot sauce.

This study was an extension of research done in the 1980s where hot sauce lovers were compared to those who were also fond of roller coasters. Research showed that people compared the risk with consuming hot sauce with riding a roller coaster - a risk that could mean you felt like you were going to die, but also knew you were perfectly safe. This is also known as a “constrained risk”.

Risk-takers have also been shown in a 2015 study to be more successful and smarter. Two attractive qualities when looking for your online mate. They are people that are more active in seeking out challenges both out of curiosity and hunger. These people are also found to be a combination of playful, serious, and joyful.

Whether your risk-taker match is a match for a lifetime, nobody knows. The key to risk-taking is to be prepared or else accidents may befall. However, a nice Taco Tuesday out (hot sauce included) never hurt anyone.

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