Police in China Cite Sleepy Drivers with Hot Chili Peppers


We’re moving to China!

Police are on the prowl for sleepy drivers behind the wheel. Instead of writing up a pricey ticket, police officers are handing out raw chili peppers to drivers to prevent them from catching some quick zzzz’s on the road.

In Chongqing, the highway service stations are equipped with chili peppers (especially in the Spring when sleepy drivers seem more rampant) and are ready to cite drivers with a helping chili, rather than a citation.

Chili Peppers when consumed or even a bite into one, can keep drivers alert.

This is especially important in China where roads are dangerous, often overcrowded with drivers speeding and switching back and forth between lanes ignoring traffic laws.

Hot peppers can keep you awake by affecting your body’s temperature, obviously rising after intake. Some people with sensitive stomach often experience indigestion which can also keep you awake.

Instead of getting pulled over by the police, may we suggest keeping a bottle of Mad Dog 357 Pure Ghost Hot Sauce in your car for emergencies? Just a sip will keep help keep you alert at the wheel!

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