Profile of a Pepper: Devil’s Tongue Chili Pepper

An organic, rare and hard to find chili pepper that is hotter than hell

The Devil’s Tongue is a devilishly hot pepper that is quite mysterious in origin. No one quite knows where it came from, but I believe it is from the Habanero family and could come from the Caribbean.

Regardless of where the pepper came from, it was first known to be discovered on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania in the early 1990s, growing in a garden of habaneros.

Its name comes from the shape of the pepper (long, curvy, slender, and bumpy like a tongue) and hotter than hell.

In Scoville Tests done by master grower Jim Duffy (he also cultivated the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper), the Devil’s Tongue rates at over 500,000 SHUs, making it approximately the 7th Hottest Pepper in the World. It is similar to shape to the Fatalii Pepper but sweeter and hotter.

In addition to the heat it packs, there is also a citrus and nutty taste to the pepper. The pepper grows in both colors of red and yellow, but the red is a sweeter, but a spicier variation. The chili plant can grow up to four feet tall and take 90 days to mature. To grow at its peak it needs to be grown in warmer climates and lots of sunlight.

The Devil’s Tongue can be dried, pickled or eaten as is topped on salads or cooked to liven up foods like chili.

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