Quiz: Are you a Pyro-Gourmaniac?


There’s a name for people who love and/or are addicted to spicy foods.


There’s no shame in being labeled for loving the hotter things in life. Take this simple quiz to find out if you are one!

  1. You go out to dinner with friends and are in the mood for:
  1. Caesar Salad
  2. BBQ Chicken fingers
  3. Nachos covered in jalapeños and hot sauce
  1. Your pizza is topped with extra:
  1. Nothing, just the pizza
  2. Powdered Parmesan cheese
  3. Red Hot Chili Pepper Flakes and Jalapeños
  1. Your Sunday Brunch drink is:
  1. Lemonade
  2. Mimosas
  3. Bloody Mary with Pepper Vodka and Tons of Hot Sauce
  1. To cool off your mouth after you chew on some ghost peppers, you drink:
  1. Milk
  2. A nice cool Cerveza
  3. Let it burn, baby!
  1. Which ones of the hot sauces do you think you could handle…barely:
  1. Orange Crush Habanero Sauce
  2. Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce
  3. Widow, No Survivors Hot Sauce

Okay! Let’s See How You Did!

Mostly 1’s: You’re Weak Sauce

Mostly 2’s: You’ve got a Great Personality

Mostly 3’s: You’re a Pyro-Gourmaniac

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