So Chili Peppers Stop Rodents

Chili peppers are impressive.

We’re not saying that because we grow them, nor because we transform them into the world’s hottest hot sauces. We’re not even saying that because we like them so damn much.

Chili peppers are truly incredible.

We could start with the list of health benefits associated with super hot sauces and chili peppers. For example, the capsaicin found in chili peppers is used extensively in pain medications. It’s also been shown to regulate glucose levels and alleviate the most serious of headaches. Preliminary studies show the ability to kill cancer cells.

Add to that list of benefits the metabolism boost you get every time you chow capsaicin. It stops hunger cravings and chili peppers simply brimming with antioxidants.

Even if they weren’t deliciously fun to eat, chili peppers are freaking impressive.

And that’s before we talk about how useful they are at removing pests.

Rodents HATE Capsaicin

Apparently, there is nothing more useful to have with you than pepper spray. At least, that’s what you’re supposed to use to protect yourself from by wild bear while hiking in America’s national parks.

And, you may have noticed that we sell our Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce in larger than usual container because they’re awesome at keeping deer away from the garden in your backyard.

There is also capsaicin-laden bird food that squirrels won’t go near.

Unsurprisingly, chili peppers are also used to keep elephants away from villages and crops in parts of Africa and India.

It’s because most animals just don’t like the burn associated with chili peppers. We have to say the most. We know you love chili peppers (and technically, you’re an animal), and birds don’t seem to take any notice of these fiery fruits.

(Please note that you don’t need to test any of this out for yourself, especially the bear thing. And, we suspect that many of you don’t live anywhere near wild elephants.)

What’s super exciting about the use of capsaicin, chili peppers, and hot sauces to deter animals are the endless possibilities for controlling pests.

For example, capsaicin is often used to coat the bottom of boats and ships to keep barnacles from growing onto the bottoms. (As you can imagine, cleaning them off is a huge task and a nasty one at that.)

And, if you have rats chewing on the wires in your car (it really does happen), you can buy electrical tape that repels rodents. We’re not making this up. Just look for the electrical tape with rodents printed on it; it’s coated with capsaicin.

Oh, the Possibilities…

Look at it this way; chili peppers are really, really good at keeping pests away from your property and person (just consider how often people advise taking pepper spray with you for protection). We can’t imagine what people will come up with next. After all, we didn’t see rodent-proof electrical tape on the horizon. And yet, they’re so good for you and your body. And, we kind of love that impressive dichotomy.

So Chili Peppers Stop Rodents.

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