Spicy Thanksgiving Ideas


Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays on the American calendar.

Not only does it score you a few days off work, but it’s a holiday that’s all about food. Okay, we know that it’s meant to be about thankfulness for everything that we have. But really, Thanksgiving is all about feasting with family and friends. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? And, even though we think that’s good enough for most people, Mad Dog makes it all that much better. We’re sure of that, and soon you will be too. We have plenty of ideas for a Spicy Thanksgiving meal.

It’s the Mad Dog Flavor That Makes the Difference

It all starts with flavor, right? And so it should; Thanksgiving is all about feasting, right? And every Mad Dog hot sauce is brimming with flavor. Each one packs a powerful, burning punch too, but it’s not always about the heat.

As special as Thanksgiving dinners can be, you do know that it’s always touching and go. You can’t always bet on the sides that everyone brings to the table. When you gather that many people around the table, it is always a grab bag of cooks – some people can and some people really, truly shouldn’t be asked to do more than buy a bottle of wine. You can see where a bottle of Mad Dog comes in handy, right? From zucchini bakes to the overly sweet potato mashes, a dash of Mad Dog can remove the boredom of being polite.

All you need to do is grab your favorite Mad Dog flavor, and you’re set. But, if you want to be more discreet, there is a travel-sized bottle of the original Mad Dog 357 hot sauce. You can tuck it away rather than flaunting your chili head status if you prefer.

Mad Dog Combats Post-Feast Fatigue

For years, people have believed that Tryptophan makes you sleepy. It’s a chemical found in turkey, and since most people feel rather exhausted after a large Thanksgiving feast, this myth appeared to have some substance. Except, it’s not true. Tryptophan and turkey don’t make you any more tired than any other food. Instead, it’s the combination of a carb-rich meal topped off with alcohol that makes most people tired after Thanksgiving lunch.

All the same, that post-feast fatigue is very real. And, if you want to get over that so you can enjoy the rest of the day rather than snoozing it away, you’re going to need to do something. While you can always limit the amount of food that you eat and the amount that you drink, we say that’s no fun. And there are other ways to deal with this issue. We call it Mad Dog. Actually, it’s a combination of capsaicin and your brain. When you consume capsaicin (the stuff that makes peppers hot), your brain believes you are under some form of attack and releases endorphins and serotonin to help you deal with whatever is threatening you. In other words, Mad Dog is a rush, and it’s the secret to remaining active after eating.

Mad Dog Battles the Bulge

This is one of the best reasons to grab a bottle of Mad Dog before heading off to a Thanksgiving feast. Capsaicin helps you to keep the pounds off – and the hotter the hot sauce, the more of the effect that you get. Since Mad Dog has some of the hottest sauces that you can imagine, you can believe that you’re getting plenty of the capsaicin benefits that you’re after.

Here’s how it works. First, the capsaicin in Mad Dog hot sauces travels to your brain on the same pathways as fat does. And when your brain believes you’ve had enough fat, that’s when you feel full. The more capsaicin you have, the sooner you experience that satiated feeling. That’s a bonus if you tend to overeat around the holidays. Secondly, capsaicin works to convert more of what you consume into heat immediately. And, it boosts your body’s ability to do this with fats and carbs instead of just the proteins that you consume. And finally, the actively potent ingredient in Mad Dog hot sauces also gives you a short term increase in your normal metabolic rate. So, your body will process what you just ate at a higher rate.

And, if all this wasn’t enough for you, just remember that capsaicin has all sorts of hangover-curing abilities and can battle cancer too. Now, you obviously need to make sure you get yourself a bottle of Mad Dog as soon as possible. And remember, sharing is one of the main themes of Thanksgiving… Well, that and eating, right?

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