Take The Hot Pepper Challenge -- If You Dare!


By now you’ve no doubt heard of the ice bucket challenge.

A few years back it led to everyone from celebrities to soccer teams and moms and dads to challenge their friends to a cool dousing of ice water, all in hopes of raising funds to combat ALS. Well, the latest challenge is really heating up the nation, not cooling it off. It seems everyone from basketball pros Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal to singer Kelly Clarkson and comedian Kevin Nealon have reportedly taken part, and they may just wish for a bucket of cold, cold water when they’re finished!

The latest challenge, according to several published reports, is the hot pepper challenge.

Similar to the ice bucket challenge, participants complete the challenge on video and then end by challenging their friends, family members, or fellow celebrities to do the same. The thing is, this challenge involves eating peppers, and not the mild ones either. The hot pepper challenge reportedly isn’t just for one particular type of pepper. In fact, it’s said that the participant chooses which pepper to eat, and obviously not all hot peppers pack the same punch! The hottest includes the ghost pepper and the Carolina Reaper, and only the truly brave can handle the heat. That’s why many are instead choosing the less spicy jalapeno or even the habanero.

Some reports suggest it’s encouraged that you donate more for eating a milder pepper than a heat-inducing one.

While much of the challenge is for fun, the idea is also to, of course, help raise money for ALS research. If you’re not adventurous enough to pick out a pepper on your own, there are all kinds of products already on the market. With so many mouth blazing hot sauces out there, you’ll surely produce an eye-watering result.

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