The Top 3 Hot Sauce Trends For 2017

Having your hot sauce burning with flavors is one trend that never goes out of style.

This year Hot Sauce is getting a remix with upcoming trends that are blending different elements to give the hot sauce lover the ultimate kick.

Here are the 3 trends in Hot Sauce for 2017:

  • Fruit Infused Hot Sauce - The sweet and tart tastes of all-natural fruits infused in the hot sauce balance the spicy tones of the peppers. Hot sauces infused with such fruits as mango, kiwi, and strawberries are hitting the market in 2017. These sauces taste best on chicken and turkey dishes - we feel a hot Thanksgiving coming on!

  • Alcohol Infused Hot Sauce - Yes Please! This trend is like having Happy Hour each time you sprinkle your nachos with hot sauce. While hot sauce has been a trend in cocktails by adding a few spicy drops to your favorite drink (try Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Extract) it now turns to put a few drops of alcohol in your hot sauce. Bourbon and Tequila are the top spirits hitting the hot sauce market and also blending other flavors like Cherry Vanilla Bourbon Hot Sauce. These sauces taste great on meat and BBQ dishes.

  • Mixing different blends of peppers gives hot sauce addicts an additional reason to turn up the heat. Hot sauce companies are finding creative ways to use a variety of chilies, spices, and peppers to make a hot, yet tasty bottle. Even using “cross-cultural” peppers like the Ghost Pepper from India together with the Trinidad Scorpion from Trinidad gives a worldly flavor to any dish. These blends work on anything (think pizza!), but beware they can be too hot for most!

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