Tips For Freezing Hot Peppers

If you have more peppers on hand than you can possibly eat.

It’s a great problem to have. That’s because hot peppers freeze extremely well, and usually come out of the freezer still somewhat crisp, making it possible to eat them raw or to later add the peppers to a cooked dish. One good tip before you start the process is to always wear rubber gloves when handling hot peppers and to be sure not to touch your face.

Now that’ you’re ready, wash your peppers thoroughly and pat them dry.

You don’t even need to chop up or slice the peppers first. Next, grab a freezer bag that can be sealed tight. Those heavy-duty freezer bags work well but you can also vacuum seal the bag shut or use an airtight container. The back of the freezer is the coldest, so try to put your peppers back there to retain as much flavor as possible. As with any similarly fresh to frozen food, hot peppers taste best if you eat them within about six to eight months.

If you’re planning on eating the peppers sooner then that it’s not necessary, but you could blanch the peppers first if you’re planning to freeze them for a longer period of time. For a longer freeze time, it helps to retain some of the health benefits over time, such as all those vitamins and minerals. It’s a fairly quick process. Half the peppers, and then drop them into boiling water for up to three minutes. Next, chill the peppers for a few minutes in ice water, pat them dry, and put them into freezer bags. When you’re ready to eat the peppers you don’t even have to thaw them first if you’re planning to cut them up. Of course, you can always alternate between fresh hot peppers and other hot pepper products to give some variety to your meals.

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