Which Mad Dog Hot Sauce Defines You Best?


Every Mad Dog hot sauce is different.

If you’re not able to discern that yourself, it’s likely that you’re not a chili head with the ability to taste the sauce behind the pain. As such, you shouldn’t even bother reading further, though we do suggest you start building your tolerance with a bottle of Mad Cat hot sauce as quickly as you can. From there, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to the first hot sauce on the list.

Timid, but willing 

If you’re the sort of person who likes to know what they’re getting into… but doesn’t mind a bit of trouble here and there, you should give our Liquid Fire a try. It’s got a solid 40,000 Scovilles in every drop, which is still hot, but hardly outrageous. And, the Bird’s Eye Chilies inside are absolutely divine.

Classically sensible 

If you’re more wrapped up with the drama of the royal family than the Kardashians and your favorite movie is in black and white, you are definitely going to fall in love with our Inferno hot sauce. Just shy of 90,000 Scovilles, this was the first to be declared the “World’s Hottest Hot Sauce.” So, you know, totally classic.

Organic baby

Are you the type of person that checks labels and orders your veggies fresh from the farm? (Or, at least, peruses the farmers' markets for a mix of products and stuffed olives…) If green is the way in your world, you’ll have to try the Pure Ghost. No extracts are added to give this hot sauce its heat; it’s all pure, just for you.

A Buddhist’s balance

Not everyone can handle extremes, heat, or otherwise. When you need to take the middle path, you’re going to need our Scorpion hot sauce. It’s undeniably hot with its 100,000 Scovilles, but it’s perfectly balanced and nowhere near as overpowering as the super sauces. Don’t think of the scorpion’s sting, just its balanced burn.

Wild child 

Always up for a good time? Need to see new places and try new foods? Want to live a life that extends beyond the ordinary? The Reaper Sriracha is the right hot sauce for you. The incredible garlicky flavor of this sauce will pull you in one direction, while the heat from the Reapers will take you in another. You’ll end up doing both before you call it a night.


When you want to get it right every time, opt for the hot sauce that was right the first time. The original Mad Dog 357 is more than a jumping-off point; it’s perfection in a bottle, and you’ll savor every drop of the 357,000 Scovilles inside. It’s that good.

Nothing but the best

When you have to have the very best in life, and nothing less will do, you’d better pick up a bottle of the Mad Dog Silver or Mad Dog Gold hot sauces. These collector’s editions are the definition of gorgeous heat. And once you have the best, there’s no way of turning back, is there?

So, which hot sauce are you? And which one do you want to be?

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