You Should Be Dousing Your Food with Hot Sauce

Why stop with a drop or two?

Why not cover your food in hot sauce? Okay, we’ll make a few exceptions for that; we don’t recommend the following groups slather their food with hot sauce:

  • Children
  • Gastro-intestinally challenged people

Also, we’d like to make the following qualification for anyone that routinely adds a few drops of Mad Dog to their meals; that’s likely to be hot enough!

Everyone else should take note of the very healthy reasons to up their hot sauce  dousing dosage.

Low in calories – Hot sauces are labeled as a calorie-free food. That’s not because they don’t have any calories; it’s because you don’t have to account for anything that’s less than 5 calories per serving. But, you’ll need to add a lot of hot sauce before you get to the point where the calories count. Really… a lot… probably close to a whole bottle of the stuff. Well, depending on the size of the bottle.

Tastes like fat – No, okay, hot sauce doesn’t taste like rendered bacon fat. But, your brain interprets it the same way. So, you actually have a chance to feel quite full, even if you put your zero calorie hot sauce on your zero calorie celery and called it lunch. (We suggest eating more than that.) And, when you’ve had enough fat (or your brain believes you’ve had enough fat), you will stop eating.

It’s a metabolism boost – Hot sauces increase your body’s ability to process stored energy. That’s a polite way of communicating hot sauce’s ability to burn fat. However you want to put it, hot sauce does the job. Surprisingly, hot sauce is quite effective at this – burning calories on the fried chicken it covers before those calories get anywhere close to your waistline.

Antioxidants + vitamins = good – Few good for you foods are as tasty as hot sauce. That’s not to say that juicy oranges aren’t delicious; they are. Even eggs are delicious when you add oil or salt to them (negating some of the benefits in the process). But, chili peppers are loaded with good for you ingredients, and they taste good too.

And that’s really the most important reason you should douse your food with hot sauce, isn’t it? Mad Dog hot sauces are friggin delicious, and they make other foods taste good too. That includes eggs. It also includes celery and grilled cheese sandwiches. It works on baked potatoes and rice. Whatever you add your hot sauce to, it’s going to be good. And if a little more doesn’t hurt… why not?

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