Your Personality and Chiles

An August 2013 report shared by NBC and Fox News found that there is a link between people who eat spicy foods and personality.

That's right, you no longer need to look up your monthly attitude by horoscope, your personality and chilies say a lot about you. Just go to your local restaurant and the food you choose actually shows a lot about you! The new study, recently presented at the 2013 Institute of Food Technologists' annual meeting, suggests there’s a correlation between preferences for spicy food and risk-taking personalities.

Take it one step further

The people who eat chilis get a high adrenaline rush (due to extreme heat), making them more susceptible to taking on risks. At Ashely Food Company, we know all too well that our customers are risk-takers. Despite the warning label on our products, it's too hard to say no to perfection.

To read the NBC report, click here.

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